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About Me

Hi, I’m Natalie.

As a business & mindset coach, I help entrepreneurs become the confident, successful CEO, who sets goals and achieves them.


I completed my first certification as a life coach in 2018 from the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention (one of Tony Robbins' companies) and earned a second certification in mindset coaching in 2021 from The Life Coach School.


As a busy mompreneur of 2 adult children with special needs still living at home, I love helping other busy entrepreneurs achieve their business goals in less time so that they have more time to enjoy their lives.

In my complementary breakthrough session, we will explore how you can achieve your ambitious business goals while having work/life balance.

Click on the button below to schedule a complementary session:

Natalie helped me dig deep to find my strengths and positive attributes.  We then used these to create affirmations that would help drive positive results in my business.  She also helped me see some things from my past from a different perspective.  This helped me see growth and progress instead of feeling defined and confined by restrictive labels.  She is encouraging and patient but willing to speak truth in a supportive way.  I definitely recommend working with her. ~ Janna C.

I met Natalie through a networking group and never even considered a life coach. 


After spending the last several months working with her, both my confidence and internal dialogue have changed to the point where others see it and are happy with my new attitude and self-image.  I've also seen growth in my business meeting goals I had set for a year coming to fruition within months.


Natalie will help you, but you do have to be open and do the work to get the most out of your experience.  Worth every penny!” ~ Carrie F. 

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