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Group Coaching for Working Moms!

We'll cover the following topics:


*️⃣How to get rid of mom guilt

*️⃣Time Management

*️⃣How to boost mood

*️⃣How to relieve stress

*️⃣How to have more energy

*️⃣How to have more confidence

*️⃣How to integrate your values with your life zones so that you are living your best life every day

⭐The group will meet over Zoom video conference twice per month for 60-90 min. each session to allow time for individual coaching.

⭐Active members will be able to choose the topics. 

⭐The members of the group will have their own private Facebook group with access to all previous recordings of sessions for as long as they are in the group.

⭐The coaching sessions will take place in the evenings or weekends to accommodate working moms’ schedules.

🔔 I will only be accepting 10 people into the group, so reserve your spot today! Click on the link below for more information:👇


I look forward to helping you live your best life. 🌞

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