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Autism/ Special Needs Consulting

As an autism consultant, I would love to help you develop a strong bond with your child or adult on the autism spectrum as you teach them fundamental relationship and language skills simply by engaging in activities of daily living.

Whether you’re playing games, taking walks, doing chores, cooking, or creating works of art, you could be building the skills necessary for relationships and independent living:


 Together we can work to improve:

*Relationship skills

*Non-verbal communication (essential before verbal communication)

*Verbal communication

*Managing challenging behaviors--in a fun way :) 


*Flexible thinking



*Calming strategies

*Working memory

After exploring a wide variety of therapies and homeschooling for 7 years, I can also help you design a homeschool program appropriate for your child's functioning level.

For tips, inspiration, and resources, join my Facebook group:  Inspired Parenting for Children & Adults with Autism & Special Needs:

As a life coach, I would love to help you manage stress and find your inner strength to deal with our extreme parenting challenges.

Click the button below to schedule a free in-depth consultation in which we will discuss any challenges you are facing, and specifically how I can help you.

I look forward to helping you develop a strong relationship with you child.


The skills that you build now will last them a lifetime.

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 Our Journey:

For 20+ years I've been on a mission to remediate the symptoms of autism in my son.  (He's 26 now.)  When traditional therapies didn't work, I explored various non-traditional therapies until I found ones that actually produced results.  Additionally, I created my own techniques to develop theory of mind and language.  As a result of my efforts, I am ecstatic to say that my son and I now have a strong connection!  I vividly remember the days when he wouldn't even look at me, so I never take this for granted!  I am also proud to share that his verbal IQ has increased over 28 points over the years, and he can now hold reciprocal conversations with family and friends (which is quite an accomplishment, since at age 2, he could only say 2 words)!  Since becoming a Strategic Interventionist, I have discovered new methods of managing challenging behaviors.  Together we will rise above life's challenges and celebrate life's victories.  

*Contact me to schedule a free in-depth consultation

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